Welcome to Bay Virtual School

We are proud to be an “A” Ranked School and a Florida Department of Education School of Excellence

Bay Virtual School is a public school within Bay County that provides the opportunity for students to take their courses online. Bay County students enrolled in the Bay Virtual School receive individualized instruction utilizing the Internet, email, telephone, instant messaging, online collaboration tools, and live virtual forums as needed. The virtual format allows flexibility of time and location, while promoting skills and self-discipline for success in the 21st Century. All Bay Virtual School curriculum is accredited by a national accreditation body. We offer a wide variety of academic options, including an Advanced Program with honors levels courses and dual enrollment opportunities.
Each Bay Virtual School teacher holds a valid state certification in their subject area and receives extensive training in our virtual platforms. Every teacher is required to maintain a close working relationship with students, school guidance counselors, and parents to ensure that their students remain on track. The teachers and staff at Bay Virtual School pride themselves in providing excellent “customer service” to our students and families. Our students are at the center of every decision that we make.

We look forward to working with you! Please call us at (850) 767-4377 if you have any questions about our program.

Shelly Rouse Project Coordinator for Virtual Programs

Shelly Rouse, BVS Principal

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: Bay Virtual School’s Virtual Instruction Program offers equitable access to high quality, individualized education, through the Internet and other distance learning technologies to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade in Bay County. This virtual environment provides flexibility of time and location, and promotes development of the skills, attitudes, and self-discipline necessary to achieve success in the 21st century. Bay Virtual School offers enrollment options to allow students to earn a standard high school diploma entirely online.

Vision: Bay Virtual School includes a variety of assessment techniques that address the various learning styles and intelligence types. Online learning through Bay Virtual School enables students to assume an increasing responsibility in their own learning whether it be for new or credit recovery options. Bay Virtual School serves as an additional resource to students in Bay District to increase their likelihood of receiving a high school diploma.

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